Festival of Economics

Demystifying Scotland’s Economy

Scotland’s biggest festival of economics take place in Dundee and online 22.23.24 March 2024. Over 30 sessions covering aspects of the Scottish, UK and global economy.

Academics, activists, economists, policymakers, politicians and the public come together to discuss people, place and planet.

SCOTONOMICS Festival of Economics

Three days of debates, films, music, talks and seminars LIVE from across Dundee.

A Community Wealth Building Event with all profits donated to community projects in Dundee.


Speakers. Friday 22nd March

Steve Keen SCOTONOMICS Festival of Economics

Professor Steve Keen
(Also speaking 23rd & 24th)

Ann Pettifor at SCOTONOMICS Festival of Economics

Ann Pettifor
(Also speaking 23rd)

Kairin van Sweeden photo

Kairin van Sweeden

Derek Walker SCOTONOMICS Festival of Economics

Derek Walker
Future Generations Commissioner, Welsh Government

Dr Josh Ryan-Collins
Associate Professor, Economics and Finance, UCL

Nick Dearden SCOTONOMICS Festival of Economics

Nick Dearden
Global Justice Now

Laura Webster
Editor, The National

Mark Blyth
Professor of International Economics, Brown University

Smita Srinivas
The Technological Change Lab

Andy Verity SCOTONOMICS Festival of Economics

Andy Verity
Author and Broadcaster, BBC

Lesley Riddoch
Author, Activist and Broadcaster

Clara Matteic at SCOTONOMICS Festival of Economics

Professor Clara Mattei
The New School

Speakers. Saturday 23rd March

Laurie Macfarlane headshot.

Laurie Macfarlane
Future Economy Scotland

Marla Dukharan

Amanda Burgauer
(Also speaking 24th)

Neil McInroy Headshot

Neil McInroy
(Also speaking 24th)
Democracy Collaborative

Professor Bob Hockett
Cornell Law School

Gillian Martin MSP
Energy & Environment Minister, Scottish Government

Miriam Brett
Future Economy Scotland

Dirk Ehnts SCOTONOMICS Festival of Economics

Dirk Enhts
Associate Professor, Torrens University

Dave Doogan MP, SCOTONOMICS Festival of Economics

Dave Doogan MP
Shadow SNP Spokesperson (Energy Security and Net Zero)

Billy Kay SCOTONOMICS Festival of Economics

Billy Kay
Author & Broadcaster

Antonia Jennings SCOTONOMICS Festival of Economics

Antonia Jennings
Centre for Local Economic Strategies

John Alexander SCOTONOMICS Festival of Economics

John Alexander
Leader, Dundee City Council

Dr Alberto Polani at SCOTONOMICS Festival of Economics

Dr Alberto Paloni
Adam Smith Business School

William Thomson

Fadhel Kaboub president of The Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity at our Festival of Economics

Fadhel Kaboub
President, Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity

Richard Murphy headshot

Richard Murphy
Chartered Accountant & Political Economist

Speakers. Sunday 24th March

Seb O'Connor at SCOTONOMICS Festival of Economics

Seb O’Connor
Ecological Economist, Scotland’s Rural College

Rachel Donald SCOTONOMICS Festival of Economics

Rachel Donald
Planet: Critical

Jane Morrison SCOTONOMICS Festival of Economics

Jane Morrison
WeAll Alliance

Stephen Kinsella SCOTONOMICS Festival of Economics

Stephen Kinsella
(Also speaking on 23rd)
Economics Professor, University of Limerick

Màiri McAllan SCOTONOMICS Festival of Economics

Màiri McAllan MSP
Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero and Just Transition

Scott Ludlam
(Also speaking on 23rd)
Former Green Party Member of the Australian Senate

Alastair McIntosh SCOTONOMICS Festival of Economics

Alastair McIntosh
Author and Environmental Campaigner

Corinne Baulcomb at SCOTONOMICS festival of Economics

Corinne Baulcomb
Ecological Economist, Scotland’s Rural College

Erin Remblance SCOTONOMICS Festival of Economics

Erin Remblance
(Also speaking on 23rd)
(re) biz

Jim Byrne & Lynne Dougan, MMT101 Podcast

Lynne Dougan
MMT101 Podcast

Jim Byrne
MMT101 Podcast

David Hood SCOTONOMICS Festival of Economics

David Hood
Director of the Edinburgh Institute

Katie Gallogly-Swan
Climate & Development Policy, UNCTAD

Pat Kane, SCOTONOMICS Festival of Economics.

Pat Kane
Musician, Journalist & Activist

What to expect at the festival

Sessions (so far)

  • Friday 22nd March

    Full programme CONFIRMED

  • In conversation with Andy Verity Author of Rigged

  • In conversation with Nick Dearden Author of Pharmanomics
  • In conversation with Derek Walker The Future Generation Commissioner for Wales
  • The demolition of the Social Contract

  • How the UK Government is funded
  • How the media covers the economy

  • The complex dynamic economy
  • Angrynomics at SCOTONOMICS

  • Film Screening: Finding The Money. Follows Stephanie Kelton on a journey to unveil a deeper story about money.

  • Saturday 23rd March

  • Who pays for that? A look at Scotland’s finances
  • Monetary Sovereignty

  • Learned helplessness and the fiscal framework
  • Scotland – A trading nation

  • A Just Transition. The view from Westminster
  • ScotWind. One year on

  • Resourcing our fight against the climate crisis

  • MINISTERIAL ADDRESS:  The economics of energy

  • Is Scotland’s Just Transition? Just a dream?

  • Australia

  • People. Place and Planet

  • Debate: a wellbeing economy is not a capitalist economy
  • Film Screening: Limbo. A young Syrian musician and other refugees await the answers to their requests for asylum on a Scottish island.
  • Sunday 24th March

  • The economic impact of immigration
  • No Jargon Modern Monetary Theory

  • Full Circle. In conversation with Scott Ludlam, former Green Party Australian Senator
  • Carbon Offsetting. Supporting business as usual

  • A Just Transition for Africa

  • An Introduction to Ecological Economics

  • Should ‘natural capital’ have a price?

  • MINISTERIAL ADDRESS: Scotland’s Just Transtion to netzero

  • Too wee, too poor, too stupid? How the framing of Scotland affects our view of ourselves

  • Monetary Sovereignty in an independent Scotland

  • Community owned energy

  • Community wealth building in Dundee


2023 Highlights

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Words of praise from past attendees

Testimonals from our 2023 festival

An inspiring and engrossing event. It was wonderful to meet or interact live onscreen with so many economists I’ve studied through your video

Mhairi, Attendee 2023
An excellent event. You have no idea how long I have been searching for something like this.
Darryl, Attendee 2023
We were blown away by the speakers, the content, the debate, the discussion and we learned so much and how our society could be so much better. We will definitely come again next year, and we all said on the train home to Edinburgh that we would bring our families and more friends next time.
Anne, Attendee 2023

A much needed and very informative event. Following on from it, a few of us are arranging to get together and start a group to discuss current affairs

Irene, Attendee 2023

An excellent weekend of speakers who made economics accessible, demystifying and clarifying the issues relevant for our future

Anneli, Attendee 2023
There was a think-and-do feel to the weekend. I really do feel that attendees left intending to change Scotland
Simon, Attendee 2023

You excelled yourselves for attracting an amazing breadth and depth of speakers, but also a fascinating group of attendees with whom I enjoyed many enlightening conversations – I’ve booked my 3-day ticket for next year

David, Attendee 2023